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Established in 1997, Taplow Brasil Consultores is recognized as one of the well-respected generalist Retained Executive Search consultancy firms in the domestic market. With a strong global partnership presence, the firm specializes in helping clients to define, specify, recruit and attract the right talented management and senior management leaders across various segments, including: Industry/Manufacturing, Services, Consumer Goods, Retail, Energy, Food, Education, IT, Construction, Distribution & Logistics.


The founders and current partners of Taplow Brasil have built solid and lengthy corporate experience in both local and international organizations in senior HR executive positions, thus permitting them to quickly understand and grasp at their client needs and, therefore, significantly contribute to the executive search, assessment and coaching processes.


Based in the City of São Paulo, Brazil, the four Senior Consultants, as generalists, embrace the practice of state-of-the-art, innovative executive search consulting methodologies, such as the “Search-by-Research” process and the singular “8 Step Process”. Their areas of expertise cover most of the business segments in both domestic and global market places. They have successfully helped several client companies by conducting executive search projects originated locally and from Taplow Group partner firms abroad.


Our commitment to quality and efficiency upon delivering excellent results drives our energy towards looking very carefully into client’s mission, their corporate culture, values and philosophies, strategic objectives, along with the key competencies and specifications to ensure that candidates’ profiles achieve perfect matching and fitting to the target position.


Management Assessment and Executive Coaching

In addition to providing high quality projects in Executive Search, Taplow Brasil offers outstanding services in Management Assessment – an appraisal, diagnosis of the client company’s employees potential – especially key people, by pointing out gaps and recommendations to solve them.


Executive Coaching

Taking into consideration that Assessment is the diagnosis, Individual and Group Coaching are one of the best custom method to overcome personal gaps and to build paths for development. Coaching is the key for people development in terms of improvement of their perception, focus, decision-making ability and performance. Two Experienced Coaches conduct customized programs for a specific situation with the necessary neutrality and objectivity in relation to the gaps to be worked on.


Working as close partners with each client and bringing up a personalized and consultative approach, Taplow Brasil has added value growth to a broad array of important organizations, whose satisfaction lies in repeat orders concerning Executive Search, Management Assessment and Executive Coaching services.




Taplow Brazil consultants accumulate extensive and diversified practical experience in executive search projects and in some key areas of the Human Capital practice, such as Management Assessment and Executive Coaching; they have successfully conducted a wide variety of searches for the industrial, commercial, services and educational segments, encompassing senior management (C-level) and key-management positions.


Given the fact that current partners/consultants have a diversified/wide HR corporate background and a generalist search consulting experience, and also considering the current stage of a non-segmented executive search market in Brazil, along with other typical characteristics of the local executive market, Taplow Brasil operates as a generalist executive search firm and is driven toward enlarging search horizons and delivering higher value-added results to its clients.


Taplow Brasil has also developed significant expertise in completing management and top management Executive Searches for several foreign organizations in their start up processes in the local market, as well as in the areas of Management Assessment and Executive Coaching.




Senior and Management Positions:

Industry/Food Processing – (CCCS)
Marketing Director – Food Processing
Sales Manager – Food Processing
Production Manager – Food Processing


Industry/Food Processing – Start Up (AFB)

Controller – Food Processing
Quality Control Manager – Food Processing

Sales Manager – Food Processing
Industrial Manager – Food Processing


Services/Large Legal and IT Organization – (JBM)

Executive Director
Logistics Manager

Services/Education Organization (CB)

IT Manager
Construction Company (DG)
Commercial Director
Finance Director (CFO)
Legal Director
Supply & Logistics Manager

Control & Accounting Manager
Plant Manager


Start up of a new Business Unit of a US IT Infrastructure Company in Brazil (SE)

CEO – SE IT Infrastructure Business Unit
CFO – IT Infrastructure BU
Human Resources Director – IT Infrastructure BU




Managing Partner – Active Member of the following groups:

Pharma & Life Sciences Group
Industry Group

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